75 Express Lanes Access Points

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As part of the Express Lanes project, ingress and egress ramps for the express lanes will be constructed.  These ramps will allow access into the express lanes from the general purpose lanes and exit from the express lanes to the general purpose lanes. The access points are broken down by segment below.

Entrance Points


  • I-75, South of Miami Gardens Drive
  • I-75, North of Florida's Turnpike
  • I-75, South of Griffin Road
  • Florida's Turnpike, South of I-75


  • I-75, South of Royal Palm Boulevard
  • I-75, South of Sheridan Street
  • I-75, South of Pines Boulevard
  • I-75, South of NW 170 Street
  • WB I-595 Express to SB I-75 Express (Weekday PM)

Exit Points


  • I-75 Express, South of NW 170 Street
  • I-75 Express, North of Miramar Parkway
  • I-75 Express, North of Sheridan Street
  • I-75 Express, North of Royal Palm Boulevard
  • I-75 Express to EB I-595 Express (Weekday AM)


  • I-75 Express, South of Griffin Road
  • I-75 Express, South of Miramar Parkway
  • I-75 Express, South of Miami Gardens Drive
  • I-75 Express, SB Florida's Turnpike

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