Sound Barriers

Sound Barrier Wall

As a large part of the project, the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) will install sound barrier walls to provide noise abatement for adjacent communities.  Installation of the sound barrier walls will take place at various locations along I-75 from NW 170 Street to I-595.

FDOT conducted a comprehensive noise study for all communities adjacent to I-75.  For a sound barrier wall to be considered for design and construction, it must meet FDOT and US Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) noise regulations.  In general, sound barrier walls are only considered if the future condition of traffic noise levels, associated with a project, exceed FDOT's Noise Abatement Criteria at two or more residences.

Sound Barrier Installation

A step by step explanation on what to expect during a Sound Barrier wall installation:

Step 1 - Clearing and Grubbing:

  • The contractor will clear the area in the FDOT right-of-way for sound barrier wall installation. There will be higher levels of noise at the beginning of this project as vegetation adjacent to 75 Express is being removed.

Step 2 - Layout:

  • Once vegetation is removed, surveyors will follow the project plans and place stakes and other markers delineating the FDOT right-of-way.

Step 3 - Post Installation:

  • As sound barrier wall construction begins, workers will be drilling foundations for the walls.  Holes are drilled into the ground and concrete posts are installed.  Vibration levels will be monitored closely by the contractor.

Step 4 - Panel Installation:

  • The sound barrier wall panels will then be installed between the posts and painted.  There will be anti-graffiti coating placed on these walls to deter vandalism.

Step 5 - Fencing:

  • Coordination with residents will take place in areas where it may be necessary to modify the property fence.

Additionally, ground mounted sound barrier wall installation shall not occur during the following time periods:

  • 7:00 PM to 7:00 AM weekdays
  • 7:00 PM Friday to 7:00 AM Monday

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